Its not mental illness!

my mother in laws 20 year old nephew claims he has a mental illness, he worked for one day at the bacon factory and quit because he said it was too much of the same thing over and over again and it was too hard. he was in the army but said he didn’t want to go over seas so they discharged him true story. they gave him 10 thousand dollars which he blew on video games and game systems.

he doesn’t take care of their dog or his siblings the reason i’m not getting the job of babysitting his younger siblings is because his parents want him to get paid for it instead. he sleeps until 3pm because he is up still 7am playing video games,

i went to school for 2 years at a very demanding technical school then i got a job and worked 9 months before being fired. i brought this up to my mother in law and she said well he wasn’t brought up right. i wasn’t either but i worked my ass off and still do for a measly 20 dollars a week.


That sounds like a dysfunctional family.

My step family said and did similar things for my older step brother.

I really didn’t like them much at all.

Your friend doesn’t seem like he has a direction in life. Or know how to bargain correctly. He should find a goal for life. This might be his way of going about it.

Every time I hear you tell stories about your family, I just want to strangle your in laws @cbbrown .


i know my therapist said something similar today. its just frustrating, he can get up a reasonable time and take care of their dog and his siblings but he is just lazy. and my mother in law makes excuses for him all the time. but she says i can’t use my illness as an excuse when i have problems.

I find myself getting extremely irate when I worry, think or compare myself to others … it drives me nuts … Well why do they get this ? Well why do they get that ? Well they … blah blah blah … I now focus on myslef and I can’t worry about the next man or what they get or how they get treated… it weighed to heavy on me and I built up to much rage…
maybe try saying FU
K HIM?! Who cares bout him ? And see how that goes

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yeah you have a good point, i just get so annoyed quickly

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Please just take your disability check and leave that awful place. You and your partner can afford a much nicer living situation on your own.


Just try it… see how it goes …

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