It's not just the what... it's the how

My kid sis and I sit in the back of Luna Park cafe, drinking our tea and sharing a large blueberry pancake.

People walk by and say hi and chat and talk at us and walk away. We sit. While my sis smiles and waves and is chipper and cheery… I merely absorb the words that are spoken and I write down ideas and when the person walks by again my sis hands them the ideas that wrote.

Some stop by to have my sis pull out her Tarot cards and they beg for one quick reading.

I have been listening to them as they visit in small burst. A girl who has been “blast visiting” (5 minute burst before she has to serve another table) has been telling us why she feels so down and I say to her… “You’re boyfriend is mean to you and he doesn’t listen. You will feel better when you stand your ground and tell him you don’t like it when he’s mean to you.”
She doesn’t believe me. Nervous laugh and “Oh, it’s not that bad, that can’t be it.”

But I have been listening. I have been sitting here most of the morning… listening… please believe me. I can hear what you say. You need to tell your boyfriend you don’t like this…

My sis will lay out the cards and explain the cards and tell the person… “This card I see conflict. She flips another… This card I see a love interest. Conflict with a love interest?”

The girl will say… “My boyfriend always puts me down.”

My sis will turn another card “Strength” reversed… the girl will say… I wish I had more strength.

My sis will turn over the 5 of cups “disappointment in a part of life?”

The girl will say… “Disappointment in the relationship” More cards are flipped and then as all the pictures stare this girl in the face the girl says… You know, maybe I should stand up to my boyfriend and tell him I don’t like it when he’s mean to me." :expressionless:

Well we got there in the end.

I guess it’s not just the message… it’s how the message is presented.


Yeeeeeaaaaahhhh some people are kind of dim. I had some tarot cards once, not real ones, just pop knock offs. They are easy to believe, but I started getting paranoid about them and threw them out. One of my friends (a Wiccan) told me when I asked that I shouldn’t have put them in the trash because they were one of her religious things. I thought they might be, so I was really respectful and wrapped them up and stuff before I set them in there. I wish there was a place to take religious things you don’t want. I always feel rude throwing away something like that but I don’t know what else to do with them.
But that girl is probably pretty dim. It’s not that I don’t believe in the spiritual (or at least acknowledge it may exist) but I am generally pretty skeptical of people who claim to have insight into that kind of thing. Everyone has conflict at some level and other things that tarot cards say are generally applicable to some part of someone’s life. It’s not that I don’t think it can be right, I just don’t think it’s a good idea to put your faith in it.
Also I think messing with spirits and such is a really bad idea.

We have a ouija board and it’s never once done anything. It was given to us and my sis just shook her head and because she is who she turned it into a tea tray. It’s interesting to see who gets freak out and who just thinks it’s odd and interesting.

when someone gives my sis a deck that she just really doesn’t like and it’s images give her the creeps… there are few out there are are a bit queazy making… she’ll burn them.

i love the occult, tarot cards, pendulums, crystals and i am a big fan of ’ supernatural ’ the whole series…
take care

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