It's not all bad


Sorry I posted this clip in the family section too…

It’s about not getting rid of autism and mental illness but how to value it and work with it so it can become an advantage rather then a handicap.



one of the really amazing possibilities with autism is Savant Syndrome, where the person is near genius or genius level intellect in some field. I saw an article a while ago about a kid who was middle school age (11 or 12) who is taking Astrophysics in in college and he’s tutoring some of the other students. I could see that becoming an advantage lol



It was a good video, but it didn’t have anything to do with mental illness, only autism.



I was just sort of seeing it as a tip of the ice burg. If employers can begin to see that there is value in hiring people who think differently, then it’s a door that is beginning to open for us all.

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I didn’t know Autism wasn’t a mental illness. I wonder what illness it is…

Sorry, I always thought Autism was a mental illness…

Now I know.



Thanks for the clip! My 8 year old has autism. It’s also called a pervasive developmental disorder. Anyways, I always wondered what he might be like as an adult so the video was interesting for me from that prespective. The cool thing is that he’s gifted at “non-verbal learning” so his visual spatial skills are amazing which is one of my weaknesses post brain surgery.

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Autism might be considered to be a mental illness, I’m not sure. But it’s certainly different from schizophrenia, or bipolar, or depression.



it is. I just took abnormal psychology.



An old colleague of mine who works in vocational rehabilitation once told me a success story.

A young mute guy who cannot read or write was hired by a law firm to process their confidential documents of prestigued clients. They say perfect match!

I was wondering with my set of abilities what sort of job is out there for me!