It's normal to have a sex problem

That’s the human condition.

Do you mean sexual disorder from medication or sex problem with other that stem from psychology issue?

My dad told me twenty years ago that everybody has some kind of a sex problem. He was usually right in most matters he told me about life.


I mean a sex problem due to being a human. What happens to a woman when she becomes pregnant? She goes running to a doctor. Only the simplest of people’s woman can give birth well. Now, that is a problem.

Before med. i could have sex 3 minutes apart, thats how strong it was, it was on the top of the roof, now 1 or more hours apart.

My psychologist loves to talk about sex. He says that it’s normal to want to have sex with as many attractive women as possible, that’s how men’s brains are hard-wired, to just put babies in all of the healthy looking women. Women, on the other hand, are hard-wired to pick an intelligent, attractive and trustworthy mate who will protect her and help raise children. However, more and more women these days are being “rebellious” and participating in casual sex just like men do. With modern contraception, they can just enjoy sex with muscular handsome men the same way men enjoy sex with attractive women- with no consequences (babies)

We are part tournament-species and part pair-bonding. An example is the bachelor who has lots of casual sex (given that he is attractive), he is an example of a tournament species behavior, and the couples who date for months and then have prolonged romantic sex on one of their birthdays or valentines or something are examples of pair-bonding behavior.

Robert Sapolsky lectured about this on youtube, he’s the leading Neurobiologist at Stanford, and he says that we as humans are 50/50 pair-bonding and tournament species.

I’m sad to say that I exhibit tournament species behavior. Im actually very intelligent, but romantic relationships don’t work for me at all, they make me sick to my stomach and cause anxiety that I can’t live with. I am also very muscular. I just think sex is a separate need from emotional needs, its like needing food vs. needing comfort food. Casual sex is just food, I guess sex with someone you are infatuated with would be like eating comfort food.

And women are generally drawn to a certain shoulder to waist ratio i men’s physiques, as well as muscle definition and handsome faces and clear skin. Men are attracted to indicators of health, youth and fertility (large breasts indicate fertility) and a certain hips to waist ratio, which makes childbirth easier for the woman. Kim Kardashian has a large hips to waist ratio, for example, I think shes gross but a lot of men think the opposite. I for one really like clear skin and healthy hair, which in the natural world would be rare and indicate strong health. (evolution happened before showers and hair products and soap)

Attraction differs from person to person, and when fetishes come in to play (I have a terrible blood-red hair fetish), people can behave quite impulsively and lose inhibition. My shrink attributes fetishes to childhood experiences, and he says that it’s impossible to find the root of a fetish unless it was later in childhood. I also like dyed hair, anything that looks unnatural (blood-red, pink, blue, green, purple). Go figure that one out.

But as a psych student, sexuality really interests me. I was thinking about taking the Human Sexuality course at my school but my colleages who have taken it said the professor just talks about her own sex life. I might just read up on my own…LOL

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All very interesting excepting the statement that large breasts indicate fertility. They don’t need to get large until they’re full of baby’s milk.

I mean no breasts usually means that the female isnt through puberty. Most guys like bigger boobs, I dunno exactly why, but no breasts means infertile and useless for procreation. Girls often develop breasts really early, like by 13 some girls have racks…not all the time, but I remember noticing that in junior high.

They’re called boobs because they’re phony, hinting that there is milk when there isn’t any. Actually, I think dreamers suck them out.

@mortimermouse…you’re reading from a book arn’t you?
Come on tell us the truth.
Hehehe an old book?


No my shrink told me all of this

Ya can’t always believe everything someone says.

it’s because of all the growth hormones in food. i remember reading somewhere that in the 1900s a woman would go thru puberty at 15, while now it’s close to 13. same for men. growth hormone.

I’m in a relationship with a woman, we both are bigger than average women so not necessarily attractive for most people but i find my partner very attractive does that mean i have a problem? NO, i’m just hardwired different. But i have a confession i am attractive to big breasts.

@mortimermouse seriously your smart and as you say muscular also,how I wish I was smart too…but I am blur and not smart…and I nv been in relationship,I really wish i did sometimes but I am not daring and sometimes socially anxious of fear of being rejected or dislike

I guess I don’t get your full meaning on this. Do you mean that women have become over-civilized in modern cultures and that’s why they have pain in childbirth?

Yes. Like some pedigreed dogs whose hips are so narrow, they can’t give birth naturally anymore.

I am so sorry to jump in on this one, but I’ve had too much coffee, I’m pondering and wondering again…

Being a man, I am wondering what un-natural child birth is. Sorry.

Have you heard of Caesarian section? That’s where the doc cuts open the belly and gets the baby out that way. Not to mention doping the mother up so much that she hardly knows what’s happening.

Oh I see. Thank you for that knowledge. Now I know.

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