It's my birthday

It’s m birthday!
16 years old today, time goes by so fast at times.
Today I feel at bliss, going to have a great day today despite my illnesses.
Have a nice day everyone :slight_smile: !


Happy Birthday.What are you going to do today?

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happy sweet sixteenth :stuck_out_tongue: x :cake:

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happy birthday, Cheeky-Chopz. I like your optimistic attitude about life. Despite that we have mental illness, we still could live a content life.

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Happy Birthday @Cheeky_Chopz! Have a good one :birthday:

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Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen! enjoy!

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Smoking marijuana and doing md

You hit me with this reply, Cheeky_Chopz. Doing drug can mess up your life.

I don’t do md regulary only marijuana

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday

Happy 16th birthday… :birthday:

I hope you get to enjoy the day and spend it with people who make you happy.

happy birthday.!

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happy birthday!

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you!

I wish I was 16 again. Such a good age. Happy Birthday.

happy birthdaaaaaaaaaaaay

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I smoked a lot of pot when I was your age,before I got sick. After I got sick I smoked it occasionally even though every time I smoked it it made me psychotic. I smoked it KNOWING it would mess me up but I had myself convinced I was having fun on it, despite all the evidence to the contrary. I am just saying all this in case you are having the same experience with it as I did. Just be aware that people with schizophrenia are more prone to substance abuse and addiction then the majority of the “normal” population. I quit all drugs and alcohol in1990. But hey,enjoy your day whatever you decide.

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