It's my birthday today 58 and counting

i am looking to improve my quality of life this year and not just my mental health.

i am now 58 years old. i realize how my paranoia has wrecked my relationships which mean so much to me.

it’s a pleasure to be here with you. hugs to you all, judy


Happy Birthday! I hope you have or have had a fabulous day.

(*this is also my mom’s Birthday by coincidence)

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hi sharp and thanks. happy birthday to your mom as well.

:grinning: judy


Happy birthday.

Though much younger that’s about how old my Diane would have been by now.

Well, anyway, good health and good fortune to you!

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thanks mussel. i am sorry i do not know this but who is diane? judy

My dead ex fiance, she was 20 years older than I, but when she showed up at our farm and was introduced to me I thought late 30’s at most. We took a walk in the forrest one day on which she explained to me her life’s story (minus the truth about me and our past friendship) and before we knew it we were lost and in another town. Well, we made our way back and soon made our way to her condo in Boston. We were to marry, her mother, though at first in opposition to our relationship, gave me a ring that was a family heirloom and I awoke the next day wondering what a ring was doing by my bedside.

I found out a few years ago she had taken her life, though I like to imagine her on a beach somewhere having faked her death. But yes, my ex fiance, and like many who showed up at that farm I lived on in my mid 20’s, an old friend of me when I was (though more successful) not me.

Happy Birthday Judy! :blush:

I’m really sad to read your story @mussel

Happy birthday judy!

Happy Bithday Judy!!! Wish you a great day, get yourself a treat! :tada::tada::tada::tada:

Happy Birthday Judy! Sorry this is so late, I just got home from being out of town. I owe you some big hugs for all the support you’ve given me. I hope your day went OK., and good luck in all your future endevears.

Happy Birthday. May your future years bring better health and happiness!

Happy birthday @ifeelblessed . Hope you have an awesome day

Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy

have a nice day judy :wink: take care

thanks y’all for all your well wishes. love ya, judy

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i will be very happy when i was 50.that means i won’t worry if i @&# and turn to an animal

Happy Birthday @ifeelblessed! :birthday: :confetti_ball:

Happy Birthday @ifeelblessed!!..

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Judy! Many more!