Its like the more i try to keep control of myself the voices get worse

most people would never know i have schizophrenia cause i just try to go about like nothing is wrong and just tell myself i have an illness but the voices are only getting worse. They are now there waiting for me to wake up in the morning, when i open my eyes i start to hear them and all day. I just cant get rid of them, they are so bad, and its a hell delusion which is the worst…


I used to have the brain study scientists talking to my brain all day but since I got a shot of Invega in the hospital 6 months ago, they have cut back significantly. Sometimes I miss them. There is no negative association. Once in a while they still talk to me briefly, but not very often. I’m sorry you’re dealing with voices you resent and wish would leave you alone. Are you taking your meds as prescribed? I am. I hope your voices tone down a bit or go away and leave you alone soon.

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My voices are that persistant most of the time. There are a few days I get lucky for an hour or two here and there, but for the most part they’re constant.

What they crave is attention, so as you pull away they become desperate and more present. This is the conclusion I have come to

I put my focus somewhere else, either within my visual field, or the sensations of my body to ground myself. At some point, they pass. Many say just listening to music sometimes can quiet them down, it’s 50/50 for me

The ideal that I aim for is realizing that I have to hear them, but I don’t have to listen. Hope that helps

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Mt brain study scientists used to be 24/7 (besides when I was sleeping) and they have all but disappeared.

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