It's like someone put a sleeping pill in with my med's

I’ve gone from sleeping 3 or 4 hours a night and being just fine to sleeping about fifteen hours a night and still wanting more. My sleeping patterns vary wildly like that, but I sure wish I could get back on a four hour a night sleeping schedule. It feels like someone put a sleeping pill in with my med’s.


That’s quite a drastic change. Maybe you’re fighting something off, like a virus or something

Yes. I’ve had a bad cough for a while. I got it tested at a hospital, and I don’t have covid, but the symptoms are similar.

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How long does it take for Caplyta to build up storage in the brain cell vesicles?

I checked my med’s, and they aren’t putting Caplyta in my med’s any more. I don’t know how long it takes to build up in your brain.

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Oh, I see. Someone else is making up your meds. I guess maybe I have more understanding of the original statement now.

Can you see your family dr for some tests?

Actually I’m making up my own med’s. There was this pill in my med. tray I thought was Caplyta, but I found out it wasn’t.

No. It’s strictly government doctors we see where I am. We do get a pretty fair amount of health care, though. I think there are some major illnesses that we only get palliative care for. There was this girl at an assisted living center who had cancer, and I think they were just giving her pain pills. She was despondent.

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That’s awful! Where are you from? I feel so bad for all the people there.

I’m from Oklahoma. It’s probably that way for most cases in the U.S.

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I’m from Michigan and I don’t have to see government drs. I have a primary dr, a urologist, and a psychiatrist. My insurance pays towards those visits.

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Are you on Medicaid? I’m not. Maybe that’s the difference

Yes. Good insurance helps a lot. When people get too feeble at the assisted living center where I live there is a pretty good chance they will end up in a really bad nursing home. I hear that they don’t even have common areas. They ought to make room for people to socialize a little bit.

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I just read Oklahoma is ranked 50th for healthcare in the US. That’s really bad! I have Medicare, not Medicaid. My insurance is decent but meds are not affordable with my insurance so I have to take the old, cheap generics

I feel that way about my food sometimes. Eating makes me tired.

I think I am. I can tell you a good way we could save some money on defense, so we could free up some money for health care: They’ve come up with a new program to outfit special operations soldiers with all this esoteric armor. It is liquid at first, but when a bullet hits it the armor instantly turns hard. This armor covers every portion of their body. They have metal frames they can put on the soldiers that help them run much faster and carry much more weight. They have esoteric helmets for these special operations soldiers. They have night goggles too. They look like something from Star Wars when they wear all this equipment. … But there is this new material called “graphene” that is 200 times stronger than steel, and it weighs hardly anything. They could replace all that esoteric armor and replace it with graphene. They would save a LOT of money if they did this. Graphene could also give a LOT of protection to vehicles, especially tanks, with hardly any increase in weight. That is the Holy Grail of military armor - good protection without huge gains in weight.

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