Its like i keep hearing my own voice in my head

and it says things that are not good. Like i think and hear a voice that i think it mine. But it says embarrassing and bad stuff sometimes. I dont know how to stop it…


When off meds I heard my voice of when I was a child. It was weird.

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I have something like that and I was diagnosed with intrusive thoughts, maybe it’s that? My intrusive thoughts speak in my mind as if it’s me and says embarrassing and gross things that I can’t control.

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why do you think that happens

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I’m not sure but they started happening around the time I started having the delusion that people could read my mind. I think it amplified the delusion because I thought that people would be able to hear the embarrassing and gross things that my intrusive thoughts say with my voice. So I think that it might be because of that, but I’ll search it up too.

Thought echo perhaps ?

As part of my mental illness, i talk to myself in my head quite deliberately. To the best of my knowledge, it isn’t like when others have self dialogue, mine is like another personality (sometimes I think it is) talking to me in my head usually saying “Everything is going to be fine.” “It will all work out” etc. because i have PTSD, panic and anxiety.
As a whole separate thing, I have inserted thoughts but they have gone away for the most part. I miss them. I quit taking my AP 5 weeks ago and I DON’T want to go to the hospital but I DO wish my inserted thoughts would come back.

Yeah that’s weird, i get the same thing too. Sometimes i miss having thoughts that tell me to run away from everyone and torture myself in the wilderness because it gives me an excuse to give up on everything and drop all my responsibilities. But then when it happens im just scared that im not alive anymore.

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