It's like everythings gone

I have noticed a lot of reduction in bipolar symptoms and haven’t had any symptoms of schizo for at least 3 months.
(Was about 6 months on them)
I did take a fair amount of psychedelic drugs, but quit when I noticed these symptoms (I think the psychosis was drug induced but that doesn’t explain the bipolar remission)
My dad is severely bipolar , his mom was schizo so my question is…
Should I watch for schizophrenia in the future (I’m also unmedicated)

You should go to a doctor

Kinda in the same boat the psychosis comes and goes with varying intensity. Makes it really ■■■■■■■ weird when I come back to reality. Definitely stay away from the psychedelics I’m sure you’ve had your fair share I know I have. Talk to a pdoc

yes you should watch for sz or psychotic symptoms…

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