It's like a trick the play in prison

I have been trying to get them to quit for decades. I have constantly been saying in “quit it”, “cut it out”, and “stop it”. They just brainlessly kept on, violating some of the most basic rules of decency and violating the most basic guarantees of a decent society that we have to have to make life tolerable. Then when I finally turn loose with an uncontrolled outburst they say, “That can’t be forgiven.” They’ve been telling me I can’t be forgiven for decades. That’s what they do in prison when they are trying to break somebody down to be raped. When the poor guy finally lashes out, the rapists say, “See, that is what causes it.” It is certainly questionable behavior for a mental health aid to act like she wants to fight a patient. Extremely unprofessional. I lashed out at her, though, not because of how she was saying it, but because of what she was saying. She was saying, “Boy, you’re going to take it up the ass and not say a thing about it.” That’s unforgiveable.

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