It's impossible to forgive some people

I try and try to forgive people inside my own soul. It’s just not possible.

I talked to my church pastor about it and he told me that it’s not always possible to forgive even though the bible says to always forgive.

Some people are just too low.

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By the sounds of this post and recent posts your off your medication.

OK so your off meds and that is GREAT news, meds suck.

But you need to remember that you get delusions and maybe just maybe these are delusions.

YOU GOT TO REMEMBER you get delusions, if you can get past that the world is yours.

Good luck with the no meds thing, I wish I could stay out of hospital as long as you.

Forgiveness is more understanding the persons we want to forgive. When we truly understand people forgiving them comes naturally because we know why they do the things they do.

People are like a product of their environment and will do what they believe to be right based on their beliefs, habits, upbringing, etc.

Patience is preceded by understanding.


Recently I have been in contact with my first wife. All of my current problems started from the way she handled our marriage. She basically went on sexualspree starting the first month into our marriage. things she said to me and things she did not only broke my heart but broke my spirit and eventually my mind. I eventually recognized there was no possible way that the woman I loved did those things without something that had happened to her. See I figured out that the intent behind abuse, even if it is subconscious is to create an abuser, and abuse like good deeds usually has a long chain of causes behind it. I realized my wife was driven by something in her past and I found out what it was and it was HORRIBLE what was done to her.

I had to contact her and tell her I was really sorry that I was the best man for her, but most importantly that I forgive her, I intuited that she was in trouble. In the process I found that she had built up an elaborate delusion about how and why she had left. She was open to talking to me so I bascially told her my perspective and after going through it all she vehmently appologized and finally I could erase the delusions she built up and give her what she really needed which was love and not judgment. I finally saw the woman I fell in love with over 20 years ago, it was magical for both of us. Forgiveness has to be expressed to create healing, even when it is not sought out for. Its important that people know what they did was wrong, but the real good is found in forgiveness not in condemnation. If we did not have that opportunity I don’t know if either of us could really go on.


some buddhist priests were being tortured by a ’ certain people from a certain country '… :imp:
the buddhist priests had compassion for them because they knew ’ they ’ were creating ’ karma ’ for them selves.
i have learnt that having compassion for people in my life is good for me.
i am not forgetting what happened, but have compassion for those people. :heart:
take care :alien:


I still have trouble forgiving this one girl. So I just try to forget about her.

They say forgive but never forget

Well I’m gonna forget but not forgive

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Thank you for this post I can tell it’s good advice.

I think there inlyes the problem… I fail to understand people I havn’t really had a real conversation with for… It’s actually almost 10 years now.

[quote=“odysseus1, post:1, topic:35411”]
It’s just not possible.
[/quote]Precisely. This is why I don’t want an afterlife to be true, too many errors, too many sins, too many deviations from the moral standards we were born into. I’m going to make it my vendetta not to forgive even if I feel like it from now on - time I get to oppress those who oppress me.

I wish I knew the whole story. I don’t even know who I’m talking to. I try to stay away from people who buy their kids booze though— While it may deviate from some moral standards— people don’t usually have those kinds of rare moral standards— usually it’s just buying booze for minors because they just don’t give a crap.

Those moral standards are too rare and unique— and genuinaly cultured— most people arn’t that smart and thus good people end up in a world they don’t really want to be in nor in which do they rightfully belong.


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More nice songs for you.

damn it I have mood swings like a … somethig that has bad mood swinds.

And last year for example I was ripped on wellbutrin 600 mgs I think… thanx doc.

#Wellbutrin 600 mgs man! by doctor’s orders!

my doc is a dumbass

Well understanding is sort of multifaceted. It asks that you also understand yourself as well as others. Conversing with people sometimes doesn’t yield anything and it’s only in moments of inner reflection that issues with ourselves and others can be brought to light.

Sometimes I feel perfectly just in my actions but then after reflecting on them I found that I ultimately accomplished nothing but upsetting myself. Other times I accused someone of something that I’ve also been guilty of.

I just try to devise a plan to go about things, or think of ways of changing others thinking without using force. You certainly can’t make people change Haha - they won’t have it!

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Certain person from a certain country?

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Hey again mistercollie,

Sorry about yesterday I really do have horrifying mood swings that cycle daily.

Anyway, I just read your other post about the no recovery hope- there is hope- I’m actually recovering if you havn’t noticed. =D

Are you really taking abilify? that sounds like something you’d actually do because it is an agonist for dopamine. Don’t believe it dude. you don’t want to be on any APs if you can avoid it. I personally think Seroquil is the best I take 200 mg at bed time so days can be hellish at the moment I’m slowly getting off of it though under doc supervision.

Ice packs on the head. I had to shave my head to get the hair out of the way so I could stick a solid ice pack straight to the brain— it’s hard but you can make it. =)

I really don’t support psyche meds anymore unless they’re in a life or death situation— especially after the wellbutrin incident last year. =)

Nothing personal eh?

Oh before I go…

Please do one thing for me? Tell Italy to go to hell for me.

There are some people I haven’t forgiven also.

Ah! Where did you come from!

I was inside @Patrick’s magician hat :rabbit:


Oh just go to hell backstabber.

You know what I’m talking about.

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