It's harder for me to make friends

Harder than before SZ,

I cannot form a normal friendship with normal ppl.

Before SZ I was very fluent at forming new friendships.

Now at work I simply have very few friends, mostly male.

Maybe it’s really SZ affecting the way I communicate


SZ makes it challenging to be social. Lots of complex symptoms lead to the problem.

What’s yours. It’s impossible for me to maintain a normal relationship and I know why.

What do you think it is for you?


For me it’s hardest to form a new relationship, and even harder with ppl which are considered “normal, communicative” from society.

I get along better with those considered weirdos.

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And yeaaah symptoms play a role… @Kxev

Sz makes socialising overwhelming. I can relate to this this as well


It’s very sad,
Because I enjoy socialising

Just sometimes I can’t

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Where do you go to meet people?

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Actually at work or university.

I never go to specific places… though I am sure it won’t help me to find friends.

I literally feel something is wrong with the way I communicate

I was lucky enough to meet my wife in hospital. There was a sizeable age gap and our backgrounds were very different, but we gelled relationship wise from the very start of knowing each other. Beyond that I made no friends. I now have my chosen family, and that’s it. I can’t blame SMI for it, because I had difficulty making friends from a very early age.

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I know, I know. It’s a strange way of meeting new friends.

But have you tried bumble bff? I think @Zoe tried it.


Bumble was not much use.


Everyone looks the same on bumble BTW it’s really weird

In the friends BFF section.


Of course you can you just have to accept beauty of who you truly are the lights compassion and love


I understand. Sz makes it hard for me to form close friendships too. I am trying despite this though and putting myself out there and taking chances. I know I’m bad at socializing and I have flat affect. But I’m trying.

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