It's hard to put into words

Life. Death.
Over the last few months when I’m alone or sitting out in public by myself it hits me. I have a hundred problems to work on but I get this familiar feeling of, “This will work out in the end. It has to”.

When I’m working on solving a problem, I get these thoughts of, " Hey, that can’t happen to me. Hey, this is Nick from California. Stuff like this doesn’t happen to me or my family. We don’t get in fights with other people, we don’t get robbed. Stuff like that just can’t happen to us. It happens to other people but it doesn’t happen to us".

But you know what? I’m worried about petty problems in my life. But my mom and dad died. That’s final. That’s reality. I can worry about my car running out of gas or missing a party or something, and I can obsess about getting my feelings hurt but my mom died. What the hell is getting my feelings hurt compared to dying? My petty problems are just that. Petty. I have to put things in perspective. I’m fooling around while some crap in life is final.

I would bet my car that no one knows what the hell I’m talking about. I told you, it’s hard to put into words.


There are some feelings for which there are no words. Human language is not as comprehensive as we tend to automatically assume it is.

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I understand you, Nick. Some people attract problems, but death is inevitable to all of us. Don’t attract petty problems. Focus on being valuable like your parents were.


Death is one of those things that puts everything else in perspective.

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Death should be celebrated with drinking and stories of good memories… It will always be ruff when a loved one dies but you gotta keep on living. always keep them in your hearts and tell your children good stories about them so their not forgotten…if your religious at all youl see them again later. If not you will always carry the memories you made with them. So smile your alive and will always have those precious moments…

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That is exactly the point I was trying to get across. People are getting beheaded by ISIS and I’m making a big deal about being afraid to go into a new store I’ve never been in before. Some of our problems are trivial compared to what else goes on in the world or what other people are going through.