It's hard to get recognized as a electronic music maker

I believe I make high quality tracks. But so does the next 1000 guys. Feels like it’s impossible to make a dent. Guess I just gotta be content with being small

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It’s because everyone and their cousin can download some music making software and hype themselves up to be some producer extraordinaire. Electronic music in whatever form is saturated with wackness these days, thats another reason why its tough getting noticed.

It’s gotten to a point where I don’t openly tell people I make music, I just tell them that I collect records.

What kind of music do you make?

Listen to For run by NaerCrSaen #np on #SoundCloud

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Listen to Sea this by NaerCrSaen #np on #SoundCloud

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Listen to Lost vision by NaerCrSaen #np on #SoundCloud


Good stuff man.

If your disappoint with the reception, you should just keep writing for your own sake. This stuff is well crafted.

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Yes, don’t expect to experience any noteriety as a musician these days unless you’ve been to college and are content with making simple tunes for independent developers - for simple things like cellphone or app games.

Being able to simply write high quality audio just isn’t enough, apparently. I tried my hand as well. After going schizophrenic, I realized I had no place trying to be an entertainer. I deleted all my work. It’s okay. Sometimes we can’t be glorified, or simply can’t have what we love most.

While I do not create music, I have to agree with darkman. Pretty much anyone can download a music-making software and do what they want with it. I’ve heard that it can be hard for artists to get their stuff “out there” or more recognized. But try not to give up. I find your music to be really good and I really enjoyed listening to it.

Pretty good! reminds me of 80s techno-pop. I wouldnt worry about what everyone else puts out there-the more of yourself you put into it-the more you will stand out.
Even if you don`t become rich and famous, the consolation will be that you put your all into it! :musical_score:

It’s hard for guys especially to accept this… Because of our mythologically oriented minds.

Music is a very difficult profession to make money in, but is very rewarding once you get good and is probably really fun.

It takes almost blind faith to go into music all in as a career. Being on government support makes it much more doable though.

Sounds like a soundtrack to a video game, keep it up man!