Its hard for me to be happy

Im so paranoid of everything, it just turns into horrible stress…

Stress just fuels my paranoia. I sometimes wonder how im able to work, it make no sense.

This world is just so full of greed and hatred and i cant find peace, the struggle is terrible.

Im on a ssri for depression and anxiety but i dont know if its even working, ive been on it for months and i feel like im just getting along , but not happy.

Do schizophrenics find true happiness in their lives?


Yes you can be happy if you achieve some goals you want


Not Dx as sz, but I can only hope better times will come.

I think you are doing right by yourself to work. not just the benifit of income. I think those who dont try to can end up worse off.

I think symptoms worsen when given extra time and energy to dwell. Even though I am not pulling in an income I still work 5 hrs a day for 5 days a week and keep a strick schedule.

It is small things like housework, chores, errands. They do force me to use my mind and move my body around.

I really do think I would already be dead if I didnt work at all. That causes deterioration which I dont want.

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ps Been using many ssri and ssnri, on different doses. I get the feeling they are mostly to give depressed people energy.

I do not think they “make us happy” in that sense. The energy they give us makes us functional enough for us to stop financial and social damage that would occur in our lives due to depression.

Work and keeping up with friends and family have less meaning and reward in depression.

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Sorry you’re going through this. Stress and anxiety get to me too. I can find pleasure in some things, which is better than it used to be. Happy used to be like that thing over there. I could see it and identify it, but didn’t experience it for myself. I hope you find the best of it.


I don’t know if I am happy,
but I am lively, active, I am fighting to recover.


Yes I believe we can find happiness…what gives you hope? Find hope, find happiness.

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I’m sza and I’ve been like you: paranoid and terribly unhappy and for years and years. But, today I am happy, content and paranoia free. It can happen for you. It did me. The key is to find the best pdoc in town and follow his or her instructions to the letter. It also helps to come up with some of your own personal coping skills too.


Honestly, it sux donkey balls but so do most people’s…even “normal” lives. But know you have friends that care :hugs:


Yeah it sucks, unhappy too. I think a lot of us are and we suffer from being really depressed even Borden and not finding any pleasure or joy in things


My dogs are my babies

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