Its going to be a test of character for the Liverpool manager next season

Yeah, Yeah, Liverpool blew the league. Boo Hoo…but you gotta feel for the Liverpool manager. He is going to be up against it next season. That heart breaking 3-3 draw with Palace will have destroyed the teams morale. Personally I think Suarez is whinging about it. Morale is low in the team…do you think they can bounce back next season…

Yes Yes Americans, we are talking about that great world game, you know the game you all love so much… :smile:

Even if they had beaten Palace they would still have lost the title on GD. The loss to Chelsea was the clincher.
If Benzema goes from RM then they’ll go for Suarez. Will Champions league football next season be enough to keep Suarez at Liverpool ?
I think a priority for next season is strengthening the defence.

@firemonkey…I think though the defeat to Palace will be crushing to their spirits. Like, for example, Im just a fan but Im still hurting from the nature of that 3-3 draw. It was cutting. Imagine how the team feels…also imagine how hard it will be to get the team firing on all cylinders next season. Like Liverpool are not the strongest squad. Can they compete with City and Chelsea and in my opinion Man Utd will be back next season.