It's for the best... but still

It’s for the best, but still…

There are a few things that have made me a bit sad.

My Sis killed my old coffee pot with a hammer. So now I can only have two or three cups of coffee in the morning and not six. This has been greatly impairing my pondering.

There is a level of caffeine that I can feel as it bubbles up and it hits the top, right part of my head. It’s right behind the frontal lobe and I notice that just after I feel that part of my brain sort of pulsate, I get the most of my pondering.

When the pulsating feeling spreads down to the frontal lobe and the top right part of my brain feels itchy, then my pondering gets a bit more wild and it’s time to drink more water and switch to decaf tea. I also blink a lot and I decide that there is no reason to be serious about anything in my day.

With only two cups of coffee, I don’t get any itchy brain and hence my pondering seems rather docile. Things are funny, but not everything is funny like before.

But I do notice I can still spell and finish a sentence, plus I notice that words don’t rhyme.
So I guess it’s for the best.

She also gave away our microwave so now we both have to cook and can’t rely on microwavable frozen food.


You guys are great and certainly give me things to smile about.

I have been 14 days no cigarettes. For over a week my postings on here got a little less and shorter. My pondering was being affected as when I wanted to think something through I would smoke a cigarette, relax, and it would come to me. I couldn’t smoke so I was at a bit of a loss. It is getting better now. It will get easier for you too. Nicotine/caffeine may seem like it’s helping but remember it is only stimulating that which is already there. Your pondering will come back although maybe not on the wild side :wink:


Congratulations with 14 days smoke free under your belt. :thumbsup: That is hard work. :tada: I’m glad you made it.

Today is the day I promised myself to cut from three to two. Half with breakfast, half with lunch one before bed.

I will miss some of my wild pondering maybe.

But by giving up the more wild and odd side of my pondering, I’m also giving up the on again off again ability to spell, and the lack of concentration.

I was so sad to watch my kid sis take my old coffee pot out into the back yard and lay out news paper and proceed to bust it up with a hammer. Forcing me to use this newer smaller pot.

She says 6 cups of coffee makes me sleep walk and she feels she really needed a full nights sleep lately. So less pondering, less sleep walking? Hopefuly this is a good trade off.

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Maybe you could have more if you switched to decaf?

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