Its finally makes sense

I know the mental health team are probably reading this but I don’t care. I went to the cinema yesterday and their was a advert at the beginning which had a hidden message aimed at me. It told me to watch a tv series which I did and this conspiracy against me finally makes sense. After watching it it answered everything. I have been doubting myself but the mental health team really do have secret folders and are sending hidden messages in emails about me. I’m a study. I’m a experiment to see how far they can push me. They are pretending to be my friend when all along they are using me. I don’t know where that advert came from but somebody was warning me.

I feel so alone and have nobody to talk to. I’m going to subtly ask them tomorrow. The only thing I can think of is end communication with them and have nothing else to do with them. I’m on a community treatment order. I’m unsure if I can? Will they involuntary hospitalise me. I feel a deep sense of dread.

I’m sorry you’re going through this, @bobbilly. Please maintain open communication with your doctor and mental health care team. Everyone wants to see you do well! :slight_smile:

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I think you should tell the team about the messages and that you feel you are being used and they’re all conspiring against you. Open a dialogue.


I agree with what @ZmaGal is saying here.


Can you change you med? Something that would relax you.

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It is a type of paranoid delusion. Many people suffering feelings of paranoia have them.

They percieve messages through tv, movies, music, and internet. All of what you say is very common when feeling paranoia.

I think you will need to talk to your psychiatrist/team about geeting some relief from these feelings?


i know it will seem real to you bobbilly but they call it ‘delusions of reference’ when you get personal messages from things such as tv and radio or other things. i’ve had similar stuff when i’ve been very unwell. i agree that it would be a good move to tell your treatment team, it’s unlikely they’ll hospitalise you unless you’re a danger to yourself or others. when i got sick and had these sorts of delusions they didn’t put me in hospital, just got me back on my meds again, and i quickly began to feel better.


It must be very scary when you get messages about the world from tv. I had that. And when you have your own personal fears on top of that…you feel like you wanna get a second schizophrenia just to stop this maddness.

I think a cure would be falling inwas love. Being in love is being mad but in a pleasent way.