It's either going to be asheville, north carolina, or mackinac island michigan for a trip

for my bday, probably asheville, because it will be cold in early november in michigan probably. i don’t think i will take any trips before then although my mom and dad are going to colorado for my niece’s bday, so i may go to that, or i may stay here idk. so if my next trip is in november it would have been 10 months in between trips.


i’ve never been to either place.

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I’ve been to Raleigh NC it’s pretty cool. Great people they’re very nice.

I’ve been to Michigan. Ann Arbor/Detroit. Years ago.

Nc sounds cooler cuz it might be cold in November in Michigan

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You’ll love Asheville.

It’s a cute town with lots to do.

Including the Biltmore Estate.

Very interesting if you’re into that kind of stuff.


My favorite is the exotic chickens they have.

It’s a weird favorite to have out of such an impressive estate,

But, I like the chickens.

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I can’t wait to hear your stories and hopefully see pics after your trip.

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