It's difficult for me to forget my hunger

With the new environment here at the home, my weight was not an issue. But the old problem of my mouth feeling needy is creeping back into my person and I am wanting to eat whenever instead of when meals are served. I’m thinking prayer might help.

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That is tough to ignore. Lots of people say to drink water to fill your tummy between meals. I drink herbal tea to stop me from snacking when I’m being good.

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It takes some patience. Wanting to eat does not mean you have to. I used to snack impulsively. When I wanted to reduce, it was hard at first. I started by holding off for one period between meals. Evening was easier at first cos I’m more hungry in the morning. That was built up into all periods between meals. Now l take light breakfast, dinner and larger lunches. Water definitely helps also. Chug down as much water as you like and you wont feel too hungry. Cold water now is SORTA like a coke for me. I also drink at least one glass of cold milk everyday. I hate the taste of raw milk but now with a good amount of coffee powder added, I REALLY like the taste. Used to think I would gain weight cos of the milk too but I’ve been taking for 3 weeks now and no major gain.

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Fruit and vegetables are good options if u do need to snack.

Love your mouth for. feeling needy

Any ideas about how to express mouth love? I was never allowed to suck my thumb.

Love your mouth for being deprived. . Don’t know how to say or be expressed. Maybe needs to be impressed

Mouth love sounds inappropriate

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