It's different with sz/update

Have not been posting lately because I’ve been on vacation. I’ve Been doing good lately, it has been three months off medication and I’ve been fine, no problems that have been to overwhelming. Something I have noticed lately, is I am in a period in my life where I have to carry on and get into the swing of things in life, which I have done, but life is not pleasurable/purposeful to me. For many years I was in the flow of life, doing things, etc. Now I just look around and feel no need to do anything, no purpose to do even the littlest things. No satisfaction, and the next joyful moment doesn’t last and is never sufficent. Life use to be like being on a train with life heading one direction with everybody in the world. Nowadays it’s like I missed the train stop and there’s nothing left that I need to do. Just wanted to post, best wishes for you, and I hope you stay positive. Chris.

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Maybe you should get back on your med’s. Maybe an anti-depressant would help. It could be just a phase you’re going through.

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@crimby overall it is better for me off meds, compared to when I was on them. This post was to give insight with one of the negative symptom of sz i have had, suggesting what it has felt like being disconnected from reality, along with being unmotivated, and also means I have dealt with the worst of it. Thank you for the opinion, Chris.

Good luck on your coming off the meds, keep us posted.

I don’t dare stop taking meds given my experience of relapse in the past. However I feel lethargic and anxious when on meds which blocks me from taking a job. I don’t contact with people other than my family, mostly because life is so busy for everyone.


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life’s purpose will come back to you, but you have to remember you have been through a life changing moment…illness…be it mental illness or physical illness it is bound to leave a mark.
take what you have learnt from being ill and use it for the better…maybe the train you think you have missed is not the one you had the ticket for !!
maybe the the train on the other side of the station that is about to arrive is the one you are supposed to get on.
all things happen for a reason.
take care


Maybe you don’t need to follow everybody and you should as @darksith said board the train that is on its way. Sometimes the quieter trains are better anyway, at least in my opinion.

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