It's delusions day today

I spent my whole day sitting with and writing about my delusions. The whole day. I can’t work out if it made me feel better or worse. Both if that is possible.

The nature of delusions is that they typically can’t be worked through rationally.


e(Y)e Don’t Believe in tha Word Delusions … ,

A Being (OR) Branch of Beings Giving Out , Handing out Signs that’s Either Read (OR) Ignored … ,

but Can Wear a Human Out … ,

Stop and Go Stop and Go … ,

They , (close proximity peeps) Either Get tha Joke (OR) They Don’t … ,

and Lord Knows When tha Joke is Mis-understood , BLARGH (!!!) ,

Awww Jeeze They Mad at me Again … … …

At least you’ve done some venting about them. It might help.


Glad this thread doesn’t apply to me, that’s for sure.

Thanks, it definitely felt like it helped. I’m feeling much better now.