It's decided no golf for me

if I won the lottery I would buy a house on the golf course and play golf all the time. me and my friend were talking about playing golf this year but I decided not to. I don’t have the time or the money. I tried to get good at golf when I worked on the golf course but truth be told im terrible at golf. I was thinking with some lessons and plenty of practice I could get decent but finally thought better of it. if I have any free time I will just watch baseball. the big 162, pitchers and catchers report for spring training in less than a month.


I’m a Yankees fan I think we need to let our team chemistry marinate. I dunno why we’re crazy about machado and Harper. Great players but Need pitching and chemistry. Which means year 2 with Giancarlo Stanton and not introducing a new superstar free agent.

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yeah, it just takes a little patience sometimes for things to come together. with the yankees being out of the free agent market it really hurts the players bottomline. they are usually one of the big spenders.

the reds are nearing a deal for sonny gray, rumor has it they’re going to trade shed long and a draft pick for him. shed long has a chance to be a decent offensive 2b.

did you know didi gregorius was in the reds farm system a few years ago? they traded him because they had Zach Cozart at the time. I remember people were excited about him on the message boards but he took awhile to develop his talent. the yankees don’t have to wait on young players to develop like the reds do.

I always say there are only 25 yankees in baseball.

lots of minor league relievers get lit up in the nl central when I watch. just a few years ago if you could work the counts and get the other teams starter out of the game by the 5th inning you had a good chance to score some runs against their bullpen. but nowadays 5 or 6 innings starts is the norm in baseball. the bullpen is more important than ever. the reds have a good bullpen. they have a lot of failed starters who made good relievers.

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I knew didi was with the rangers not the reds!

I think Sonny gray has talent he just couldn’t handle New York.

over the last few years the reds have traded yonder Alonso, yasmani grandal, Justin turner, and didi gregorious. usually for pitching.

i’d like to see Cincinnati be like the Colorado rockies of the east. lots of offense with suspect pitching. i’d rather lose the game 8-6 then lose 3-1 with no offense. offense is more exciting to watch for me. every once in awhile they could make it into the playoffs with a bunch of number 3 starters and good offense.

but then they did get back eugenio suarez for alfredo simon, who only had a couple good years as a starting pitcher. it sucks that they rely on trades so much instead of paying their players, but at least it keeps it interesting when they fall out of contention.

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Come to Scotland buddy. Golf courses all over the place

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Didn’t the Scottish invent golf?

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I think so but there are some ancient Chinese paintings of guys with golf club like things so it is disputed

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