Its cool bbbbbbbbbbblahhh

no1 needs 2 read my mind or act like me in neway r thnk lke me ppl on xbx thght insert or read my mind on xbox so typing sucks

■■■■ sz. I’ve dealt with similar ■■■■. Ruined video games for me.

tht sux mn on xbx typin i mind but not rlly but wnt tell em cuz i dnt no wats best 4 me cus yd it hppn in frst plce

It’s not real man. Just a sz brain ■■■■■■■ with perceived reality.

The telepathy is a hard thing to get away from.

maybe i real crazy thnks man

Your not alone buddy. “Telepathy” non stop hear.
Used to love playing halo. Now I can’t even focus on it.

i got real bad focus 2