It's completely out of hand

Last night the neighbor confronted my ex angrily stating he just saw him shooting the gun. My ex was floored. He of course denied it but the neighbor said you may have the cops and the manager fooled but I know the truth. Today the manager asked if we had any contact with the neighbor and I told him what happened. He asked me for a written account of everything that has gone on. All the times he’s contacted us regarding this supposed gun being shot and all the times the police have contacted us and the conversation we had with his ex-wife regarding his meds making him hallucinate detailed in writing. So I wrote it all down. The manager is planning on taking action against the neighbor of some kind to get him to stop harassing us. The police were here the night before last and the officer told us that he calls up to 4 times a day to report the gun shots. I wish I knew what I could do to help this situation. This poor man truly believes my ex is shooting a gun off all the time.



Sorry you’re dealing with that.

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I feel for him and also you. I have been paranoid about my neighbours before and it was a living hell. I also went to the police station and reported them.

I ended up moving because i couldn’t take it anymore. I moved to a very quiet area. Maybe that’s what he needs ? Are you in a block of flats?/apartments ?


yeah i’ve been worried about him getting you into trouble. bless your heart, your sympathy for him. hope you are holding up ok.

my neighbors really do shoot guns when the weather is nice. i don’t like it but i live with it. the only time i ever thought about calling the cops was when the neighbor, one weekend, emptied a clip from what sounded like a handgun at 1130pm at night. but i choose not to call, and it hasn’t happened again thankfully.

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I guess shooting a gun off in celebration would not be the best advice.

we live in apartments

Does he live with family or alone?

He should be put in the hospital with this mental state.

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