Its better to lie

I apologize if this offends, but my reality is not the same as yours. Recently spoke with psychiatrist about how I do not feel I have schizophrenia. He then asked for my father’s phone number. I gave it to him. He refused to increase Abilify from 10mgs to 20mgs. Then said I seem to be doing well and to keep things the same. This contradiction between what he says to me and others is starting to get to me.

So my father says “What are you gonna do, call the SS administration and tell them that you want to re-apply and that your psychiatrist exaggerated everything for you to get benefits?” I say, not exactly sure I want SSI I just want to express it the way I would so people would understand, not have people talk for me who know nothing of my experience of schizophrenia from the inside out. So like, how do I explain how very real schizophrenia is to me, without people exaggerating who think that bureaucrats don’t care either way? Is it better for the psychiatrist to lie about my behaviors and experiences?

Since its them who won’t get me any support other than SSI and I want to work! My dad sold my car but he promised next year he’ll get me a new one. The more I talk to him the more suicidal I feel and he doesn’t live with me, but my mom is now seeing the EXACT same psychiatrist and taking the EXACT same medication as me and my father is head of the board of Eastridge and his co-worker’s father owns it but its a non-profit state run system so tech. a volunteer? I just feel like they’re all playing games with me.

Im completely trapped. How do I cancel SSI?

How do you know p doc thinks exaggarate your situations.they usually pretty correct on diagnosis.on the other hand why someone would want diagnosis with this horrible disease.i mean this is really serious disease.good luck with your diagnosis.

I just logged in to see I was denied disability by the social security administration. Thank God!

The fact that your reality is not the same as the mainstream is the issue. Also that you lack the insight to recognize this.

I personally dislike lying. It stains the soul and destroys trust with others. I may not be the most likeable fellow, but I do hope that I’m trustworthy.

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I just said I recognize it lol

I never lie, thats why I am upset that my idiot family and doctor want to exaggerate and prolong this SSI hearing instead of let me speak for myself. What a joke this whole things is–maybe my dad is right that bureaucrats don’t care or have empathy for people with disabilities.

Sigh. I wish you luck with it.

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Im giving up its been since September 3 2019 and they recorded it as April 3 2020 so it’s a complete joke, they don’t even have the dates right when I applied. I’m over it. They don’t want to help me and I don’t want their help!! Big Pharma loves to sell expensive ABILIFY for 15 years but when I actually need some assistance??? Sorry we don’t know who this girl is. LOL. I was their lab rat and used in all their double blind pre-trial studies. They broke me down to justify the trend of schizophrenia. Brave new world mother fukeers.

Now Im just a pill popping lunatic.

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