It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

New guitar, check. Starbuck’s coffee sampler, check. S’mores popcorn crunch, check…Godiva peppermint chocolate bars, check…haha…we got a care package from Angie’s sister yesterday and I got my guitar in the same day and I am just brimming with Christmas joy. I can’t wait to see what mommy has in the mail for us. probably a lot of cash !! yayyyyy…now if it would only snow. haha…


Merry Christmas everyone!

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my fingers hurt from playing the guitar so much. I guess I’ve lost all my callouses…doesn’t take long to build them back up if you play about fifteen minutes a day. I love my new guitar. it’s a washburn. scared me to death when I first got it because the neck had so much tension on it the strings had fret buzz really bad and you couldn’t even like what sound it made. plus the nut up near the tuners had a bad groove for the third string and it wouldn’t stay in place. well, I started to throw the guitar away and then I thought I might, just maybe, have a tool in my tool box to adjust the neck. I did, and it was the exact tool size I needed for the neck. amazing to me? and then I just took a knife and deftly carved a deeper notch in the nut bridge so the third string would stay. now it plays and sounds wonderful. I am so excited !!

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