It's been two weeks since I've showered

To avoid this problem make schedule to bath or shower every x days For example need to bath at least every 3 days. When some situation arrived like this event you have no problem to shower. This situation we need to create our self and this kind of schedules helps us even when there is no situation.


I always, always, always make an effort when i have that bad days that i don’t want shower. I can’t accept the feeling. I have to push…like exercise is the same thing, i push and push myself! It is only hard in the first minutes :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t like showering, but I try to make it fun.
I’ve found a song that lasts about as long as my regular shower routine, and I sing the song loudly and poorly while I shower, and try to finish at the same time as the song does.

Showering is a bit tedious, but I sometimes find the anticipation of how tedious it will be keeps me from doing it, and then it’s not so bad once I get it done.
Sometimes I just sit in the bottom of the tub and wash myself with a washcloth because I don’t want to stand up.


I shower about once a week and brush my teeth only about twice a week but I take ablution for prayers every day so my private parts and face and feet stay clean. If it weren’t for that I’d be quite dirty.

What I do like about showering is if it’s summer I’d cool down and wash sweat off, and if it’s winter (like now), I’d have hot shower to thaw out the chill. There’s few things nicer in winter than a hot shower! :blush: it’s very relaxing. I just tend to be lazy to shower more regularly

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