It's been awhile

There’s a lot of trial and error into from a hip surgery learning to walk again and the correct way of doing it are not as easy as it may seem you ask how I’m doing I’m doing it with a lot of Tears pain gets so great sometimes my support team are only there a third of the time I do chores like take out the trash and wash the dishes from a wheeled walker sleep a good part of the day and do routine exercises gear pacifically please don’t wish to trade places with me as I have social problems with my peers


Hang in there matey. It’s not good to deal with but keep trying to move! I think if you stop moving you get more problems but any surgery is serious. Keep working hard…yeah it’s tough for some but we do it because that is what we do!


Hip surgery is rough. I’m sorry. Good that you’re able to keep up with the exercises, though! Physical therapy after stuff like that is always really annoying and easy to forget to keep up with, but so so important!

Good luck. Nice to see you back.


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