It's been a while honey

ahhhhh I have anxiety!

Not sure what is triggering it. I think it is from taking Vitamin C with Zinc. I am getting anxious.

So it is monday all over again. I feel good mostly. I just made a cashew/ blueberry/ banana shake. These are awesome. My friend is supposed to come over but all I wanna do is just waste time today.

Have you heard this song?

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Don Juan’s baby shower is today!!!

My parents and sister and bro in law are coming over in an hour and a half with the best pizza in the world (seriously it was voted best pizza in the world one year). And they’re bringing presents for Don Juan! He’s getting a scratching post and a toy from my mom. I wonder if my sister will bring anything :thinking: Well it’s okay either way because I’m really excited for them to meet Don Juan. He’s such a sweetie!


aw I am happy for you! Hope you have fun and take care

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