It's been a rough day

Everything was normal until my mom frantically called me saying my younger brother was in the hospital because he had been found at school with a bag of xanax in his pocket. (Not his) Given that he’d been sleeping through class all morning they brought police in and an ambulance and got him to the hospital in case he had OD’d or something. Thankfully that was not the case and he claimed to have not taken any at all that day he had just accidentally forgotten they were in that pair of pants.

I had a talk with him and it is so hard…he is a typical teen. Thinks he is not a typical teen, that he is somehow immune to all bad things and that drug use is perfectly safe for him because he is “smart” and “normal” drug users are dumb. (His words) I tried to get him to question that and told him if he really wanted to be different and smart he would realize that anything could happen to him because everyone thinks bad things won’t happen to them.

I also tried to get him to realize that if he needs drugs to get through the day, then he probably wasn’t actually doing better as he said he was. He still needed help and for adjustments to be made. He said “I’m not self medicating anymore I’m just doing it for fun.” But then he’d say things like how it was how he could deal with school and it helped with his anxiety and I was like you realize that IS self medicating??

Anyways he is a mess. He thinks all his problems will be solved once he can move out and go to college but he is not thinking that if he has drug charges on his record and bad grades because he is not taking care of himself and doing his work that he will not be able to get into a 4 year college and get out of the house. Our family is frustrated and stressed and scared for him.

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wow, sounds like big trouble for that young man. I hope this situation ends up getting him the help that he needs to get through this problem.

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That’s a tough one. He lacks insight as many users do. He’ll probably need some kind of wake up call before he listens, like overdosing or getting busted by the police. I’m sorry your family has to go through this


This is the first time the police have become involved, since he had the drugs at school. They want his phone and he may have to go to teen court. We’ll see.

Well if he gets in trouble and doesn’t just get a warning, hopefully it’ll wake him up


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