Its been 22 months

Since my boyfriend and i started dating! Were both schizo affective, and the relationship is amazing! When im heavy with symptoms im able to reality check with him and him with me… We barly fight and we really dont have problems… Just thought id brag!!:heart_eyes:


Congratulations! When you find the right person, relationships don’t seem like much work at all!


happy for you two !! here’s to many more months and years to come !!

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Good for you. But how do you reality check?
It’s impossible when you are delusional

You can ask him,”Did you see that too?”

Good for you @Itsme ! That’s a really happy story !

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Congratulations that’s wonderful!


You guys must not live together

That reminds me of a song. I think it was Sinead O’Conner but I don’t recall the name of it.

I googled it. It’s Nothing Compares to you.

The first line is Its been 7 hours and 15 days.

Prince wrote that song.

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