It's been 2 weeks, i will stay, but

well it’s been two weeks, i decided to stay but also decided that i will try to only come on the forum during the weekend, acting more like a normie. during the week, i will try to maintain these more productive habits i’ve had these last 2 weeks.

also i had court a couple weeks ago, my pdoc, wanted to take me off meds or lower my dose. i guess i was not totally forthright with him about my continued occasional hallucinations on meds. so i told the judge at court that i still need to be on meds and that without them i had no doubt i would start hallucinating again. also my pdoc is retiring, so i am onto my 3rd pdoc, my new pdoc is younger and indian man, we have met in hospital a couple times, he seems qualified which is all i ask of a pdoc.

and my nephew lost his playoff football game last week 31-29, a late field goal beat us. we were down 28-7 and stormed back to take a 29-28 lead in the 2nd half. bummer. now it’s on to basketball season, he has a scrimmage today but im not going.


i just spent 2 weeks without tv and internet haha. just radio. cleaned my house finally too.

also my laptop is acting up. time for a new one i guess, this one has never been that great, it’s always been really noisy.


really nice =)

good luck btw with coming here only during the weekends!

i also hope your new pdoc will be good

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You’re doing so well! I’m so glad :slight_smile:

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o another thing, at my court hearing i was talking to my lawyer the public defender. i know the guy, im old buddies with his son, anyways he knows nothing about schizophrenia, he was saying things like yeah sometimes symptoms just show up and then they go away and you don’t need meds anymore. him and my pdoc were talking and were saying now would be a good time “to rock the boat” i had to tell them both i still need meds and probably will for the rest of my life. then my lawyer said, if that’s the case, i think it’s best that we continue doing these hearings every 6 months so your meds will be paid for.

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Welcome back @Lifer

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