Its becoming more

so I’ve been seeing and hearing things more… there is a middle aged woman who scares me but only cause I shouldn’t be hearing her then last night I heard a deep mean sounding voice telling me no and it freaked me out because I was on the phone with my best friend and she’s a girl and I’ve never heard this person I mean the lady I’ve heard multiple times and yes I get freaked out from her but she makes me feel save-ish unlike that man I heard but I also haven’t heard him a lot… I’ve also been seeing things a lot lately theres this girl I’ve always seen and I haven’t seen her in a month or two but more people and things I’ve never seen before and I think they work with the little girl like its some sort of game. they will stalk me in stores and hop in the back seat of my moms car behind me so I can’t look at him without seeming crazy. this is the same one who runs around my house at night he’s around 5’9 and lean and then theres a man who I’ve seen since I was little who has to be 6’3 with big boots and a long beard who wears a carhart jacket and big cargo pants and his hood up I started seeing him around the time I started seeing the little girl but she has always been there he kinda stopped showing up until the other boy showed up thats why I think they work together because they have a mutual “friend” I guess thats whAT he’d be called I only know the girls name its Jackie the other two I’ve never talked to

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I never call the girl by her name she’s always just been ‘the girl’ she is small like 4’8 and maybe 9 years old she has dark hair that changes length when time goes by she cuts straight bangs then lets them grow out she wears a white night gown and she can control how y brain works its like I’m her doll

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