It's an uphill battle

it’s a battle all the way. but if you try hard enough you’ll probably get somewhere positive.

i am grateful i have a job, and now the conditions there, even the social ones aren’t so bad anymore. i am trying not to look back at the past. the present is do-able.

it took a whole lot of work on my part. i am concentrating on solving my problems instead of other people’s issues.

sharing and caring on this site is for me reciprocal so it is helpful, i believe, for all of us involved.

my home life with my mom is showing light finally at the end of the tunnel. i am eternally grateful.

hugs, judy


You have a great positive attitude Judy :blush:

thanks so much turtle. you are kind. judy

I think I really needed to see this message today.

I like this - it’s not promising that “everything will be fixed” or “you’ll get wherever you want to go.” It’s just saying that if you try, you can make things better than they were. And that’s something very worthwhile.

Thanks, judy, and you have all my best wishes in continuing to make things better :two_hearts:


I like to hear good spirits like that.

I like to say that it is not a matter of what we can do, that’s because our abilities are more fixed and harder to change.

Now what we are willing to do…is everything. We can be capable yet not willing. We can be willing but not capable, but if we do our best, we have no shame, only honor.

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Your outlook on life is inspiring

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Good for you Judy. You should treat yourself to something. Sometimes It’s too easy to just focus on our problems and nothing else. We forget (me too of course) to set aside a little bit of time to do something enjoyable or fun. It’s good to take a little time off and do a little something that we want to do. It could be a movie, or walking outside to stand in the sun, or a meal out a restaurant, playing with a cat, watching funny videos on YouTube, etc.

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