It's already broken

Now that I’m back on the train in to lucid town…

The part that scared me… I had a piece of bread and it tasted moldy. So I took a bit of a roll and it tasted moldy, so I threw all that away opened a new loaf of bread took one bite and THAT tasted moldy.

I was getting very upset thinking “OH no, it’s all tasting off again. It’s all poisoned again.” I’m getting one of my indicator symptoms back… Plus everything… from my bed to the curtains smells bad.

But my sis said with the heat spike in the apartment and us being gone most of the last three days, it’s not me… all bread products in the house most likely did all mold. The fruit just went to mush. Our fridge couldn’t keep up with the heat so we lost all the milk and yogurt too. My sis doesn’t even want to try the eggs.

My fish tank bloomed some algae and any moisture in the apartment mildewed the curtains, the bedding, the sofa blankets and any other cloth that was left out. This heat thing is a mess. But I was really thinking it was me. I was sure I was getting sicker. What a relief to see that no… the old radiator heater did this, it’s not my illness.

The part that made me laugh… After my nap, my sis told me that we are out of options as to where to spend the night since I was shooting down her ideas left and right.

My kid sister looked at our hissing heater and said, “If I wasn’t afraid I’d break it, I’d try and do something”

I told her, you can’t break it… it’s already broken

That is when she opened the case that hides it, got a baseball bat and just started hitting the handle of the heater. She would have hit a home run the way she was swinging. The lever snapped and swung to the off position and the steam finally stopped. Then she pulled the wires out of the switch and got a pan opened the drain valve. The heater is broken now, but it’s off. We have all summer to get it fixed.

It cheered me up to see my sis just loose it on a heater. It was like watching John Cleese beat up his car.


Hahaha! I can just imagine your sis doing that - wish you had a video of it! :smile:


Honestly perfect :smile: Go sis!


I’m glad the heater is sorted even though it’s broken, hopefully you can get back on an even keel now!

I also bet tat was good for your sis beating that thing up after all the troubles it’s caused!

Take care,


Haha I would have loved to seen that. The old fashion way to fix things beat the ■■■■ out of it with a bat. If only I knew this when my girlfriend was around.

that is funny, i am sorry you had to go through that, but i think your sis should become a plumber, she seems qualified for the job !!
i can just imagine her saying to clients " don’t worry i 'll fix it ! " and then bringing out the old trusty baseball bat and beating the ’ ■■■■ ’ out of the appliance and then billing them !
take care
p.s very basil fawlty, does that mean you are the side kick ’ manuel ’ with your pet siberian hampster !?!

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Si… I mean Wei… no si… I am speaking english… NO?

Fawlty Towers… channel 9 online. I didn’t think anyone remembers that show anymore. :hamster:

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that show is hysterical it is one of my favorites, it is so wrong, but ’ manuel ’ he is hilarious.
we always watch the re-runs.
"take the bags up stairs manuel ".
"t.a.k.e the b…a…g…s… upstairs you baboon ! ".
" si…si…mr fawlty ".
take care

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