It's All You

When I get into an argument over something that I don’t like about someone in my family, either something they have said or done having an effect on me, usually I let them know, it’s bothering me.

Many times they will say, “I can’t do anything around you,”

so in other words, it’s all me, and not them. And likely it’s because of this schizophrenia.

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Think it’s more being a busybody then sz. Can get on everyone nerves. Sometimes all you can do is control yourself and not others. I hope you don’t take that the wrong way. I just call them as I see them.

One of the main things that separates me from members of my family (not my kids) is that I have emotional intelligence.

I’m constantly self-assessing, self-regulating, taking inventory, understanding how to effectively communicate my needs and making sure that people who have some bearing on me are also being served and that I am doing right by others, especially my family.

I wish there was this same amount of leadership and respect within my family.

When I first got sick and I would get in arguments with my mom, she used to ask me, “Are you taking your medication”? It wasn’t fair and also insulting. She hasn’t used that line in twenty years.

I’d dig into this stuff and see what comes up for you:

I have a problem with getting in arguments with my wealthy sister because I feel most of the time that she has no clue what my life is like. Same with my mom. Now I just keep it to myself. They will never understand.