It's all just a dream

But what part of reality would you like to wake up to?!

…my twin girls…my wife…coffee…and bacon! yum


I often think things will change overnight, but I’m cautious because if they do, you might be too shocked to handle it.

I had a moment of euphoria where I was transitioning from this world into the next via an NDE like vision. It felt like I was waking up into an arranged marriage at first. I’ve since lost touch with that angel, but I think she was trying to communicate to me that they were all polyamorists in their community.

Sometimes I feel as if I’m going to a world unlike the majority. What do you think, that we all go to the same planet, or that there are multiple planets? I have dreams of multiple planets in view. Heck, if we all go to the same planet it’s certainly not the same country, that’s for sure.

I like where life is for now…

There are some rough spots coming up… but when those are over… things will be ok again…

but for now… I’m happy to be awake…

I’ve lived in my own dream for far too long.

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Can I live the dream where I’m Claudia Schiffer’s bath towel instead?


Certainly. I would like to be a pampered cat.


How are you feeling today? If I may ask. I’m presuming it’s morning for you btw.

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I am at the deliverance retreat.

the end part, the part where i take my last breath.
take care :alien:

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Reality. I want my life back.