It's all in the timing

I was in a CA meeting 20 years ago. It was a big meeting, there were at least 60 people attending in this big auditorium. I was sitting by myself waiting for it to start. Sitting right in front of me were four guys talking among themselves. All of them looked pretty tough and a little mean. Typical addicts or alcoholics. I was kind of half listening to what they were saying , not really eavesdropping on purpose but I heard snippets of their conversation. I heard one guy say something about Texas. I thought ,“Here’s my chance”. I hesitated a few seconds and then I leaned forward and interjected into their conversation.
I addressed all of them I said, (thinking I was cool) " Hey, I heard they found a new use for sheep in Texas". They looked at me. I said with a grin, “Wool” ! …
They all looked at me like “Who the hell is this idiot and why the hell is he interrupting us, and why is he insulting us”? And they kind of glared at me like they would have liked to punch me. I leaned back and I told myself I would never do that again. It was embarrassing. Now in meetings I keep my hilarious jokes to myself.