It's all about the signs

Next to a street sign, look up street name, now I have a location.

Must decode??

Well plus water. This is obvious what I must do


I like your pictures but you’re not making much sense. Are you ok?

Perfectly great

What’s not making sense?

I don’t understand what you’re talking about with the signs and locations and decoding water. It just sounded a little paranoid to me and I was wondering if you were going down a rabbit hole.

I took that sky pic, clearly a message from god, on a street, looked up the street name and found a cathedral in england in the same town name. The water and the church point to baptism, so I think getting baptized is my first step in god’s plan for me.

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I would go back on meds. It’s a slippery slope.

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You need your meds. You are not ok


I’m fantastic seriously

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You’re delusional.

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You can’t decode water

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You decode the patterns

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No. There’s nothing to decode

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Is that something you’ve been thinking about doing anyway?

The reason I ask is because when I was psychotic I thought god was sending me messages to become a priest. Then I started making all these connections based on random stuff in support of that idea. After I recovered, I went back to my regularly scheduled programming so to speak. I wasn’t actually religious, I was in psychosis.

Just thinking that you might be too, especially if you’ve been under a lot of stress.

No I just got the idea today

you are creating beliefs from random things…number one cause of delusions…you are ill man…

Yeah be careful of seeing clues or connections that’s usually a bad sign.

Bad sign of what? What’s going to happen??

Nothing will happen, I just think that you might be seeing connections that aren’t there.

you are still semi sane right now…please go back on your meds before you lose everything…