Its all about Serotonin

its all about Serotonin to feel good

who’s this serontonia? I must meet her


It is popularly thought to be a contributor to feelings of well-being and happiness

You ruined the joke. :fearful:


when my pdoc asks how are you? i will say ‘‘serotonin’’ and smile


When my pdoc asks me how are you? i will answer dopaminic thank you for asking.

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@Rhubot is right about me say i’d like to unifie us all not only people here but the whole world.!..and here is a song that proves it…

When my pdoc asks how are you? I tell him how im feeling and sh1t like that… Hes a pretty nice guy, once i farted and he smiled

I have yet to find a place near me that sells the stuff but I am gonna ask my local Rite Aid if they can order some for me. Hope fully they can since the stuff seems to work so well.