It's a Thursday thing!

We made Jack and Sally!


I love it! Beautiful. =) Love Tim Burton’s stuff.

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@sasha me too!!! My sister and I have such a collection of Tim Burton movie characters. Mostly The Nightmare Before Christmas!

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And now… The awesome piece! My daughter’s Musical Butterfly!


That is beautiful!

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it’s Friday night, and in less than an hour it’s actually saturday here?


Hahaha! I posted this on Thursday. Now it is Saturday morning. I’m thinking maybe it’s the time tags on these posts. 1h was likea day ago.idk…

Blessed be

Now it’s a Saturday Morning thing. technically…anyway it’s 12:39 am so it’s morning officially. Though I’m still up from Friday Night so it feels like Friday night still.

Hey very nice butterfly! :smiley:

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