It's a problem

It’s a problem they could have solved immediately through the simple expedient of leaving me alone.

What happened??

The situation is too strange to believe. I have become a huge issue to a LOT of people where I live. Apparently I am irresistable to older men. They keep intimating offers of large amounts of money if I will agree to have homosexual sex will all these older men. I have never done anything but flat out refuse to do this. Apparently they can’t help themselves. It’s too much to ask to expect them to behave as responsible human beings. I hopped a train to Tennessee one time a long time ago trying to get away from this godawful mess. Apparently this situation extends at least a couple of states away. People who have no right whatsoever to even know I exist are intensely involved in my life. It is a heinous intrusion on my privacy. People in a town thirty miles away have no right to know I exist if I go there only once or twice a year. People in Tennessee have no right to know I exist when I live in Oklahoma. I’ve been hurt before over this, and now they are intimating that they will hurt me again very badly if I do not give in. The situation is crazy. At best, they are engaged in a severe case of gaslighting.

Has anyone you know well seen or heard any of this?

They’re in favor of it. Almost everyone is very kind to me, but it is because they want me to submit to this crazy situation. They’re trying to benefit from my misfortune. All the people at the assisted living center where I live think I’m supposed to give them some of the money that I get from this situation. It makes me mad.

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I think you need to talk this over with either a pdoc or a therapist

They’re in favor of it. A lot of people are financially invested in my situation. A lot of older men are willing to spend a lot of money for access to my body. I’ve thought about running, but I probably couldn’t make it without my med’s, and the people in the psychology profession are in favor of me being sexually trafficked. Also, this situation is so widespread that I don’t know if I can outrun it. It is so widespread.

This is abuse. If anyone is trying to coerce you sexually it’s abuse. You need to report it to the police

Yes! That is what I have been saying all along, but the police are in favor of it.

No, they’re not in favor of it. That’s probably a delusion

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It all sounds like a delusion to me. When I’m in the middle of a delusion I can’t understand any logical reasoning.

I think you should talk all of this over with your psychiatrist as soon as possible.

They are in on it. I’ve been picked up and kept in jail, first for one month on a public intoxication charge. I never got a hearing or a charge. Then they kept me in jail for two months with no trial for carrying a concealed deadly weapon. It was a knife I bought at a convenience store. I never got within a hundred miles of anyone with the knife. The police only knew about it was because they searched me in an ongoing policy of harassment. My reasoning for buying the knife was that when they saw I wasn’t going to submit to their heinous demands they would attack me with physical force. The police have hurt me pretty badly before. One time I was walking past two policemen, and one of them said, “Hey, George.” I turned and yelled at them, “Tom! My name is Tom!” One of them sprayed me with pepper spray, then they handcuffed me, slammed me down face first, put their knees on the back of my head and ground my face into the dirt after they pepper sprayed me. It hurt like hell.

I struggle with my own unusual beliefs so I’m not sure I can help you with this. I’m sorry. Hopefully someone else can

I understand. The situation is too strange to believe. It could be a plot for a science fiction movie.

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