It's a mistake to be too compassionate?

Not many people understand this statement: it’s bad to be too good. Discuss amongst yourselves.


The system has a failure. Justice is not always accomplished. If God has a flaw he is not who he says he is.

Not many schizoprenics can be passionate. They’re unable

this makes me think of Compassion International.

I’m sponsoring a young girl in Haiti.

it’s a very worthwhile organization.

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There’s no such thing as too good.
If you’re good, you’re good to the highest degree


Then what do you strive for?

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You strive against the degenerative forces of habit.
You need to be good all the time.
Vigilant always.

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Anything in excess can be a problem. If we took compassion to an extreme then we might never speak to each other for fear of causing offence. And how would you balance compassion towards yourself vs compassion towards others? What if something is good for me but bad for you, who ‘wins’? There are many potential dilemmas to explore.


There’s a difference between doing something out of compassion and out of fear. It’s all im saying

I’m sure that self compassion has the ability to rein in excessive compassion for others.

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Relationships need to be give and take. It needs to be balanced. Giving giving giving and never receiving will make you feel drained and used.

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Sometimes compassion bleeds into self-defeat or self-destruction.

It’s good to be compassionate, but you gotta live yourself just as much.
Sometimes you have to choose betweem showing compassion for someone who just takes and takes, sacrificing yourself in the process, or showing compassion for yourself by backing out.

Sometimes you do people harm by being too self-sacrificingly compassionate, because they come to expect it and neglect to learn to care for themself.


Sorrow gets replaced by another sorrow instead of joy.

Yes and no. I think the world needs all the love it can get, but unfortunatley some people will try to exploit compassion for material gain and other things. Have to go with instinct.

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