It's a good thing I don't feel pain in dreams

Because last night I was stabbed in the gut repeatedly. Does anyone on here feel pain in their dreams?

I heard that it was found that you can only experience as much pain in dreams as you have in real life, but I have experienced a decent amount of pain and despite this never really feel intense pain in dreams. Sometimes I feel very mild pain. More often it’s just pressure when I am being attacked in them.

No pain just terror.

I don’t really feel pain in dreams. Sometimes I feel compelled to fight. Like I once had a dream where I was being jumped by two guys on the way home, and I woke up swinging my fists in the air.

I definitely have emotional pain. Like sometimes I dream something terrible is happening to me. When I wake up I have to convince myself it isn’t real for about a minute.

One of the worst dreams I had that took me head first into a long depression (the dream was spot on unfortunately, a premonition that came true) was one where I was running for my life, only to be overcome by my attacker. This assailant pulled out a very long sharp knife and began swinging it at me doing damage. I fought furiously for a few minutes, then in a fast move I snatched off the black mask he was wearing…and it was my husband! (now an ex) The pain of that dream kept with me for years, only to be replaced by the truth.

I have been terrified in dreams but haven’t felt physical pain. I have also been attacked in real life and it was very traumatic on the occasions that it happened. I am very grateful I don’t have nightmares very much. I had one a couple months ago about a predator that had attacked me in real life. I was scared for a few weeks after that. Dreams are very powerful or they can be, anyway.

A woman pointed to my throat in my dream while we were having some tea in a diner. It burned! I woke up with throat pain that lasted for at least 3 days.

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Rarely… Mines the throat or guts usually… Not fun to wake up still in pain…

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For little things I feel pain in my dreams.
Dreams where I’m stabbed, shot, lose body parts, get run over, etc… I never feel it.
Thank God.