It's a doddle

Why do people presume that because something is a doddle for them it should be a doddle for you? It’s ■■■■■■■ frustrating and annoying.

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What is a ‘doddle’?

Something easy?

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My Dad is like that.

I agree we all have our strengths. Try to think about your strengths instead of challenges

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Yes 15 characters

In Canada, we call an easy task a ‘can of corn’.

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noun - BRITISH - informal

noun: doddle
a very easy task.
“this printer is a doddle to set up and use”

1930s: perhaps from dialect doddle ‘toddle,’ of unknown origin.

For those of you, like me, who are new to this word and delighted to make its acquaintance.

My roommate has a difficult time making phone calls to businesses - she recently parked in the street for months rather than call to arrange for furniture to be moved from the garage to the house. When I understood what the problem was, I offered to call for her and the job was done within 24 hours.

I have issues with going on trips to meet new people (weddings, vacation with extended families.) This is hard for her to wrap her head around. Who wouldn’t want to spend ten days in a cabin with her cousins?

To some of it, though, there’s some truth - a lot of our blocks are mental. The movers are happy to agree to move furniture in exchange for money, and her cousins are certainly charming people and a cabin by the sea is lovely. It’s the idea that’s hard rather than the task itself.

But other things - like, for me, dancing? Athletics? Anything involving more than the most rudimentary physical coordination? Ha, I’m sorry, it’s tragic and inexplicable, but my body and brain don’t actually do that, and no amount of come-oning is going to change it.


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