It's a code

All I want to do is set my homeostatic functioning code back in my brain before I had schizophrenia. Before the schziophrenia my neurons fired so well I was happy. Now if only I could get the same neurons firing again I will be SZ free

Let us all know when you figure it out. I’d love to have a healthy brain.

I can’t my brain doesn’t want the code back it’s gone sick

Sometimes I wish I could get a PET scan of my brain to map out all the neural circuitry up there so that they’ll know just the right amount of just the right med to heal my brain, but I am afraid we are a long way off from that kind of ability right now. Think what it would be like if in the future you could choose what kind of circuitry you could have in your brain, so that you could be very happy or very smart or very creative, and so on. It would certainly raise some issues.

Now where did I put that klunky 'ol time machine that was taking up space in my living room?


But like what happened to my old neuron activity I so enjoyed in life how did it…rewire to psychotic illness just dont get it