It's 4 a.m. and I haven't slept all night

This isn’t like me. I can’t do much because I’ll awaken the housemates. It’s a long time until morning.

Insomnia is really annoying. I take seroquel 25mg as sleep aid. without seroquel, I’d have insomnia , too. Maybe a cup of honey-apple tea will give you some sleep, chordy.

Lay in bed and just try to sleep all night. At the very least it will make sure your rested for the next day. And tmrw after work you should pass right out.

I awoke about 4:30…and got out of bed as soon as I saw Dawns butt… (the crack of dawn) LOL
In summer it is usual for me to get up between 4 - 5 am… and when I go outside I get to experience nature awakening, the night creatures preparing to sleep, the last firefly by the garden, and the mists in the valley… all sort of cool things.

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