Its 2 and a half yrs since my last hospital admission

should i see this as a success…last time i was in was sept 2018…ive had about 20 admissions in total so a gap of 2 and ahalf yrs seems significant


yea that’s a success for sure =)
good job on staying out of the hospital!

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Well done, that’s huge !

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Yes! That’s great news!

That’s good. Hope you stay out

Thats good, my last hospitalization was in 2016 and that was because I quit all meds for 1-2 years.

It is a great achievement!! Learning to cope with the illness and managing meds with a pdoc’s help is what kept me out of hospital for 10 years now. I almost ended up in hospital in 2017 but with help from my family and pdoc I pulled through.

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It’s good news @karl!

That’s great! Way to go!